Co-founder and CEO

Cecil Ato Quarshie

Cecil Ato Quarshie is the Co-founder and CEO of Strictly Social Africa (SSA), a network of media and social clubs focused on fostering positive social connections throughout Africa. He obtained his degree in Economics and Chinese from the University of Ghana, where he served as president of the Young Professionals and Youth Coalition (University of Ghana Chapter). During his tenure, Cecil linked students with young mentors to prepare them for post-school life. With a passion for communication and creative production, Cecil specializes in hosting social skills and communication sessions, writing, video editing, and social media curation. He also has a particular interest in games and social activities during hangouts, which he plans to develop into game shows. Cecil is dedicated to helping people improve their social lives and skills, encouraging them to engage in more productive activities and enjoy the process. He also offers life coaching services. Cecil loves spending time at the beach, creating playlists, video editing and vlogging, reading, and having meaningful conversations.
Cecil Quarshie Co-founder and CEO of Strictly Social Africa (SSA)