Content Development Manager

Irene Esinam Kpeda

Meet Irene Esinam Kpeda, a vibrant individual contributing her talents to Strictly Social Africa. As the Content Development Manager at Strictly Social Africa, Irene crafts captivating narratives that drive our digital presence. Simultaneously, she serves as a Media and Communications Analyst at Radiant Creative Studio, leveraging her analytical skills to enrich their projects with strategic perspectives.

Beyond her professional roles, Irene finds joy in the world of storytelling. In her free time, she immerses herself in novels and webtoons, exploring diverse narratives. An avid fan of Asian dramas, Irene appreciates the art of visual storytelling. Moreover, her passion extends to the kitchen, where she delights in cooking for her family, creating not only content but also culinary experiences that reflect her creativity and warmth.

You can connect with Irene via mail at

Irene Esinam Kpeda smiling in a photo shoot by Emmanuel Kow of Lenz Addict