Administrative Assistant & Creative Writer

Naa Atswei Esther Adjetey

Naa Atswei Esther Adjetey is a dynamic individual thriving as an Administrative Assistant and Creative Writer at Strictly Social Africa (SSA), a new media company. With a passion for empowering youth through social skills development, Naa plays a pivotal role in coordinating and executing activities, programs, and meetings that align with the company’s vision.

As an undergraduate, Naa pursued a BA in English & Psychology at the esteemed University of Ghana, where her thirst for knowledge and creativity blossomed. Currently, she is harnessing her creative talents as an intern writer at SSA, benefiting from an environment that fosters growth and exploration.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Naa assumed key positions within the university community. She held the prestigious role of 1st Deputy Committee Head for the University of Ghana Association of Psychology Students (UNIGAPS) and served as the Electoral Commissioner for the Association of Students of English, Legon (ASEL).

While Naa is a passionate Pinterest enthusiast and bibliophile, she also enjoys the art of public speaking. In her leisure time, you can find her engrossed in food vlogs and indulging in romantic comedies.

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Naa Atswei Esther Adjetey Administrative Assistant and Creative Intern at SSA