Co-founder and COO

Yao Selorm Kuatsinu

Yao Selorm Kuatsinu, is the Co-founder and COO of Strictly Social Africa (SSA), a media and social club network that aims to promote positive social connections in Africa. Yao Selorm is a graduate of the University of Ghana, where he earned a degree in Political Science and Theatre Arts.

He has been working in digital marketing since 2017, specialising in content creation, content operation, writing, SEO, and social media. He has helped firms such as Akwaaba Music, Money Guide Africa, and Cash Cow Makers grow their online presence. Yao Selorm is passionate about developing online brands, helping people improve their social lives, and providing life coaching services.

In his free time, Yao Selorm enjoys the beach, travelling, reading, and engaging in meaningful conversations.

In case you want to connect with Yao Selorm, you can reach him via his email address at or follow him on his social media handles.

Yaw Selorm Co-founder and COO of Strictly Social Africa (SSA)